Christmas Decor: Eclectic Country Woodland

Good Day, Everyone! Today’s post will be part of a series featuring the decorating process of a Christmas tree. The ornamentation for this tree decorating project includes, metallic, plush, mesh, paper, fabric, satin and glass. I know that sounds like an eclectic mix. This eclectic mix is gorgeous when all are combined in a beautiful way. I am looking forward to sharing this process with you all. I’m starting out with photos of the ornaments I’ve planned to use for this project, so far. I hope to share the first photos of this process with you this week!

Now, it’s November 1, 2018 and the delays in getting these initial photos were unexpected (caregiver overload) and sort-of wacky (wrong email address via new phone). Finally, the first photos are below and I think the initial name I will give to this eclectic ornament collection is Luxe Country Woodland. Of course, this name may change in the posts to come.  At last, here they are!



Christmas Decor: Miniature Trees, Candles & Pine Cones – Silver & Snowy White

Hello, Everyone! Today’s images feature the beautiful Christmas decor vignette created by Hydrangea Home.  For me, this display is blissful to view.  Just like snow falling gently to the ground (or other objects above the ground), this vignette is “quietly-beautiful”:

  • each piece is beautiful,
  • each piece compliments the other
  • the color palette is soft and gentle; peace-inducing
  • the overall effect is soothing and de-stressing

This is a Christmas decor vignette that’s great for the primary foyer or primary entrance to your home, so that it’s part of your de-stressing routine as you enter.  Enjoy and be sure to visit Hydrangea Home to view much more of their beautiful creations!

Christmas Decor: NYC Cityscape Lights

NYC Lights of Trees at Night

This tranquil, black-and-white night-time view of New York City skyscrapers and trees lit with Christmas lights is beautiful!


Christmas Decor: Luxe Powder Room

This is one of the most gorgeous. luxurious powder rooms I’ve seen decorated for Christmas. Placing the beautiful garland around that exquisite sink is a unique and elegant touch/accent.  It’s so luxe I plan to mimic this look in my powder room!


Christmas Decor: Crimson Porch Lantern

This gorgeous red lantern is a perfect size for a corner of this front porch. Also, this lantern compliments the architectural stone, the decorated urns, the front-door’s floor-mat  and the front-door very well. You and I can imagine how handsome or lovely a second urn placed at the other corner/right-corner would be with a few masculine accents or a few feminine accents added to both to make them personalized for us!


Christmas Decor: Snowy-White Tablescape & Glass Trees

This dining room is staged with snowy-white as the dominant color of the dining decor on, and around, the table and the Christmas tree (in the corner). Every part of this elegant setting works so well together. Among my favorite accents on the table are the pearl-like beading on the charger-plates and the glass/crystal trees.


Christmas Decor: Farmhouse Dining & Peppermint Candles

This is such a beautifully-cozy ‘Christmas dinner’ setting! The tablescape is so inviting; the peppermint-like candles add a just-right amount of red to compliment the napkins. Adding the peppermint-like candles to the chandelier is the whimsical-touch that continues from the tablescape. The room’s furniture adds to the welcoming ambiance of the dinner-table. The short and plump Christmas tree is simply cute! I’d enjoy having dinner with other guests in this gorgeous setting.