Christmas Decor: Bedrooms – Silver, Gold, Pewter, Mauve Ornaments

Good day, Everyone!  Today’s post features the Mixed Metals 60-pc. Ornament Collection and Bedroom Bedding Collections from Frontgate. Featured below are four (4) gorgeous bedroom bedding collections.  These four bedding collections have designs/patterns and colors that compliment the ornaments.  I really enjoy the reality that one collection of ornaments can be used with a variety of bedding collections to style/stage a bedroom for a Christmas theme!  These ornaments are on the garland, the Christmas tree and the fireplace, to give you an idea of how glorious it will all look in a/your bedroom(s). I hope you all enjoy these Bedroom Bedding-themed posts, too.

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Christmas Decor: Ornaments of Linen & French Bleu

French Blue Linen Ornament Collection on Christmas Tree - Frontgate Catalog, Page 60

French Blue Linen Ornament Collection on Christmas Tree – Frontgate 2016 Catalog, Page 60

French Blue Linen Ornament Collection - Frontgate 2016 Catalog

French Blue Linen Ornament Collection – Frontgate 2016 Catalog, Page 60

When I see Christmas trees that are decorated with exquisite ornaments and other gorgeous items, I think of the great talents and skills of the artisans/designers/manufacturer. Because the ornaments are so exquisite their beauty reflects the excellence intended, with the design. Of course, such intentional excellence and beauty causes me to think of Christ of Christmas, the Giver of the talents and skills, and His excellence and beauty for all people.

I’ve included a large image of the exquisite French Blue and Linen ornaments collection, thinking you all would love to see how gorgeous they are up-close! If you click on the image of the Christmas tree, you’ll see a larger clickable view of it, too!

Christmas Decor: Illuminated Finial & Cone Ornaments

Twisted Cone - PotterTwisted Cone Ornament - Pottery Barn Holiday 2016 Catalog

Twisted Cone – Pottery Barn Holiday 2016 Catalog – Page 41

Twisted Finial Ornament - PotterTwisted Cone Ornament - Pottery Barn Holiday 2016 Catalog

Twisted Finial Ornament – Pottery Barn Holiday 2016 Catalog – Page 41


I think these beautiful ornaments look like glass, and the style of design seems antique, yet modern, too. These ornaments are lit from within, as well, which enhances their beauty. They have their own ‘sparkle of light’ from within. This sparkle of light within makes me think of Christ and how He is the ‘Light of the World’ and the ‘sparkle of light’ within all who believe in Him. I think a lot of Christmas Decor succeeds in one way, or another, in prompting thoughts of Christ and what He came to Earth to be to each person.








Christmas Decor: Exquisite Red, Burgundy & … Ornaments are The Bling!

As you appreciate this display of exceptionally beautiful ornaments in ruby red, burguundy, and other colors, I imagine that you all will agree with me that their appearance speaks for them and tells why I chose to share them, here. The exquisite design and artistry of these ornaments is a part of what makes the overall ambiance so blissful!

Christmas Decor: Ecru, Blush & Gold Tree & Garland Duo

The beauty of the Christmas decor on the tree and mantle compliments the furniture immediately surrounding it, as well as the wall’s finish and the beautiful rug on the floor.  Also, the Christmas tree and garland are perfectly matched and the gorgeous garland compliments the picture frame and sconces.

Christmas Decor: Jewel-Fiesta Hues Tree

The jewel-hued, Spanish Fiesta-hued ornaments and ribbons on this tree are as beautiful to look at as the traditional red, green, white, silver and gold ornament themes! This tree’s Fiesta theme is one of my favorites!

Christmas Decor: Ribbon-styled Trees

These three gorgeous Christmas trees have their ornamentation accented with beautiful ribbon in complimentary, coordinated patterns and colors.  Each tree is an attractive example of a unique style for different rooms of your home, restaurant, center, office and/or other spaces!

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