Seeing Creator’s Christmas Gifts

I can see the Creator’s gifts of
Creativity, Artistry, Genius Design, Functional Beauty, Artisanal Craftsmanship
in the inventions humans classify/identify as Christmas Decor (originally created
to celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus into His Earth as a human baby).

Each invention of Christmas Decor is made from, created from, material and skills provided by
the Creator to humans, for our benefit. Therefore, when those inventions are made using Creator’s gifts of Creativity, Artistry, Genius Design, Functional Beauty and Artisanal Craftsmanship for what’s designated as the Christmas Season, those inventions cause me to think fondly of the Creator & His Blessings! The Blessings I think of are Christ Jesus, His prosperity of the body, the soul & household wealth, plus all He created and established for humans to enjoy; His excellence. To me these Blessings are part of the prospering ambiance of Christmas and the inventions classified as Christmas Decor inspire remembrance of those Blessings. From my perspective the excellence of the Christmas Decor is an appreciation of His excellence.

Note:  Christmas Decor = Trees, Wreaths, Garlands, & other Evergreens (represent His Eternal Presence) Pine Cones (Beauty in Creation), Lanterns (represent His Light) Ornaments (Beauty), Table Settings & Dinnerware (Beauty), Fabric/Ribbon, Art, Nativity Statues, Animals/Deer (His Creatures), Snowflakes & Snow-People (represent His Snow)

Christmas Decor: The Richly-Masculine Mantle!

Masculine-styled Christmas Decor for Fireplace Mantle

Photo: Industrial Fireplace Collection – Pottery Barn Holiday 2016 Catalog

I thought it would be neat to feature this quietly-gorgeous room with it’s richly-masculine feel and appearance. The fireplace is the focal point of this photograph and everything about it is really nice! My favorites are the combination of the reindeer, candles and simple, yet handsome garland.



Christmas Decor: Traditional Elegance in the Living Room

Source: via Patricia Brown on FeedPuzzle

Everything in this rooms is staged so beautifully! The tree’s decorations are lovely.  The wreath is gorgeously-plump with ornamentation over the fireplace and the stocking and garland at the mantle are cute.  Last, yet certainly not least, the chairs, pillows, presents,  coffee table and other furnishings complete this rooms styling/staging perfectly!


His Perfect, Indescribable Gift

Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate the love of God and family
and to create memories that will last forever.
Jesus is God’s perfect, indescribable gift.
The amazing thing is that not only are we able to receive this gift,
but we are able to share it with others
on Christmas
and every other day of the year.
~ Joel Osteen

Christmas Decor: A Minty-Emerald & Plaid Mix Tree

I like the whimsical charm of the Christmas decor on this tree. Also, I appreciate the beauty of the ruby_red-kelly_green-taupe-mint-peach-white plaid chairs, taupe tufted ottoman, ruby-red pillow and the ruby-red ‘M’ monogrammed, mint throw blanket! I’d certainly feel welcome amid this inviting, welcoming Christmas decor as I sit fire-side!




Christmas Decor: Lavender, Amethyst & Violet Tree

I appreciate that the lavender-amethyst-violet-white Christmas tree decor perfectly compliments the abstract art located above the fireplace mantle!

Christmas Decor: A Tree for the Tots’

The totally cute Christmas tree featured in the tots’ bedroom (in the picture above) looks ‘just-right’ for little ones. Children enjoy the beauty, joy and excitement of Christmas decor so much! So, naturally, we want them to be able to enjoy Christmas decor in their rooms, and not have to wait until they are in the living/family room or another room to enjoy it.  Consequently, when selecting Christmas decor for a child’s room choose age-appropriate Christmas decor preferably with:

  • a child-friendly theme
  • pillow-soft ornaments that are harmless if a child falls on them
  • ornaments that do not have parts that are a choking-hazard
  • organically-made material(s)
  • Eco-friendly material(s)
  • no Christmas lights that operate via electricity or batteries (due to the potential for hazards for young children)
  • no food-like, nor candy-like decor (due to the potential for hazards for young children)

Following those tips, and others you know of, as you decorate your spaces and rooms will help the children enjoy the beauty, joy and excitement of Christmas decor, safely.