Christmas Decor: Eclectic Country Woodland Christmas Tree

Hello, Fans of Christmas!  Happy New Year to you!  Today’s post features a few more images of the Christmas Decor: Eclectic Country Woodland Christmas Tree. I’ve been trying out the camera features of my new cell phone; the photos aren’t ‘professional’, yet.  It’s a gorgeous tree and I’m a bit closer to photographing it so well, that its beauty is easily seen in photographs, too. Enjoy!


This photo shows the Christmas tree surrounded by furniture and Christmas-themed gift bags.



This photo shows a close-up of the fluffy, hand-crafted register-paper bows, the owls and hand-painted, snowy pine cones on this Christmas tree.


Last, yet not least, this photo shows the Christmas tree’s lights and the ambiance of the lights of this gorgeously decorated tree.


Christmas Decor: Eclectic Country Woodland Christmas Tree ‘A to Z’ – Part 2 of 2

Hello, Everyone! Wow! It’s great to have this post posted above and beyond the obstacles that occurred during the days between this post and the last! Perhaps many blessings are linked to the posting of this content, which would explain all of the ‘warfare’ against it. I’ve posted some of the images of the process of decorating this tree, below. I have a few more to add along with copy/text explaining each photo. I’m delighted to show you the ‘A to Z’ decor process, from the lights-only version of the tree to the final, voluptuously-decorated version of the tree. I’m looking forward to showing you more of my Christmas Decor Styling work after I transition most or all of the daily Caregiver tasks for Mom, to professional Alzheimer’s Caregivers. As always, enjoy the images and post.

Christmas Decor: Eclectic Country Woodland

Good Day, Everyone! Today’s post will be part of a series featuring the decorating process of a Christmas tree. The ornamentation for this tree decorating project includes, metallic, plush, mesh, paper, fabric, satin and glass. I know that sounds like an eclectic mix. This eclectic mix is gorgeous when all are combined in a beautiful way. I am looking forward to sharing this process with you all. I’m starting out with photos of the ornaments I’ve planned to use for this project, so far. I hope to share the first photos of this process with you this week!

Now, it’s November 1, 2018 and the delays in getting these initial photos were unexpected (caregiver overload) and sort-of wacky (wrong email address via new phone). Finally, the first photos are below and I think the initial name I will give to this eclectic ornament collection is Luxe Country Woodland. Of course, this name may change in the posts to come.  At last, here they are!


Christmas Decor: Snowy White Tree & Rouge Accents

Hello, Everyone! Today’s gorgeous Christmas tree is styled by Craftsberry Bush (“Well done!”).  I discovered this gorgeous beauty while perusing an article at Elle Decor (“Thanks for sharing this beauty!”).  I agree with their statement about this vignette being a wintery wonderland of white walls, an abundance of faux snow and the white tree’s ‘dressing’.  With such an attractive mixture of white as the base color, the bright rouge-red accents make this Christmas Decor vignette eye-catchingly exquisite!  This is beautiful Christmas Decor Styling/Staging! Some of my favorite features of this vignette are:

  • the plumpness of the tree thanks to the ornaments, sprigs & more
  • the placement of gifts
  • the choice of gift wrapping paper
  • the teddy bear
  • the selection of pine cones
  • the placement of the stockings on the fireplace mantle
  • the sprigs of greenery cascading over the stockings on the fireplace

To date, this is the prettiest snowy white Christmas tree styling I’ve seen in photographs. Again, I say, “Well done!”.

Christmas Decor: Candles & Cones of the Pine

pine-cone candles in glass containers

Image courtesy of

pine-cone candles in glass containers

Image courtesy of Dee Pearl Flowers, Wedding Blog


pine-cone candles in glass containers

Image courtesy of Midnight Poem Tumblr

Pine cones are so beautiful!  A variety of beautiful craft-creations can be made with them. Today, I’ve featured beautiful candles with pine cones.  If you don’t have pine trees in your yard, you may find them at your local parks or even scattered on the lawns of local businesses.  I have done so and simply ask the manager or owner for permission to collect them, first.  Earlier this week, I had the chance to collect more pine cones from a local park and one of the staff, an elderly gentlemen, volunteered to collect pine cones stating that it’s enjoyable AND relieves the pain of arthritis in his knees!  What a great mindset he has & I told him so.  If you intend to collect pine cones, be sure to

  • keep cardboard boxes and/or bags handy to place them in
  • carry protective gloves to wear as you collect the pine cones
  • literally bake them in your oven on a baking pan dedicated to baking the cones and not food (baking the cones kills hidden bugs) OR
  • wash pine cones in water to get rid of bugs (the cones with close until they dry) and then set them aside to air-dry

My goal was to get this published on 3/25/2017. However, it’s actually a few hours beyond 3/25 into 3/26. In keeping with my ’25th’ theme, I plan to post on the 25th of each month and perhaps the 5th and 15th, as well. Thank-you for following this blog! I am delighted that so many follow it and while I believe in my ‘It’s Ever Christmas’ dream I’m AMAZED that you all are ‘here’ in it with me as I build it into reality! Again, thank-you so much!

Christmas Decor: Forest-Inspired Eclectic Elegance!

Christmas Decor: Traditional Elegance in the Living Room

Source: via Patricia Brown on FeedPuzzle

Everything in this rooms is staged so beautifully! The tree’s decorations are lovely.  The wreath is gorgeously-plump with ornamentation over the fireplace and the stocking and garland at the mantle are cute.  Last, yet certainly not least, the chairs, pillows, presents,  coffee table and other furnishings complete this rooms styling/staging perfectly!