Christmas Décor: Potted Evergreens on the Porch

Hello! Today’s post features beautiful potted evergreen trees decorated with red berries, branches, lights and boxwood-like ornament balls by Cosa Belle Interiors.


Christmas Décor: Dining Fireside

Hello, Fans of Christmas!  “Happy 2022 to you!”.  It’s been a very long time since I posted anything here, at my It’s Ever Christmas blog. While my Mom is experiencing respite at a Memory Care facility in Marietta, I’m experiencing a respite, as well, from being her 24/7/365 Caregiver (2014 through the end of October 2021). Among other goals to achieve for me and Mom, I’m resuming posting on this blog! I’m looking forward to continuing sharing other designers’ and decorators’ décor images, AND my own as they occur!

Today’s décor post features a Holiday Table Setting image by Linly Designs at Houzz. I think it’s beautiful!

Christmas Decor: Eclectic Country Woodland Christmas Tree

Hello, Fans of Christmas!  Happy New Year to you!  Today’s post features a few more images of the Christmas Decor: Eclectic Country Woodland Christmas Tree. I’ve been trying out the camera features of my new cell phone; the photos aren’t ‘professional’, yet.  It’s a gorgeous tree and I’m a bit closer to photographing it so well, that its beauty is easily seen in photographs, too. Enjoy!


This photo shows the Christmas tree surrounded by furniture and Christmas-themed gift bags.



This photo shows a close-up of the fluffy, hand-crafted register-paper bows, the owls and hand-painted, snowy pine cones on this Christmas tree.


Last, yet not least, this photo shows the Christmas tree’s lights and the ambiance of the lights of this gorgeously decorated tree.

Christmas Decor: Bedrooms – Peach, Bronze, Lavendar & Aqua Ornaments

Good Day/Night, Everyone! It’s another beautiful day/night of January 2018 and I hope you have moments of bliss through it!

Today’s post features beautiful bedrooms staged with furnishings and bedding of the colors peach, bronze, lavender and aqua, among other colors.  I’ve selected a collection of gorgeous ornaments with a visually complimentary palette of colors that could be used as part of Christmas-themed staging/decorating for these bedrooms. This week’s exquisite ornament collection is the Atelier Glam 60-Piece Ornaments Collection.  The Atelier Glam Ornaments Collection could be placed on fireplace mantles, wreaths, garlands, trees and other creative spots/things.   Of course, the bedrooms I’ve selected are only a few of the gorgeous possibilities.  So, if your bedroom’s palette of colors is similar to today’s palette, you have an idea (or an additional one) of how Christmas staging would look, there.

Thinking of how the decor would look, I can imagine the beautiful tree/ornaments featured below, in these featured bedrooms.  In my mind’s eye I can see how lovely the Christmas staging is for both day and night.  I can imagine enjoying the heavenly ambiance of these rooms!  I can ‘see’ having a cup of delicious tea with yummy biscotti during a day I’m at home, sitting on a chaise with the tree’s lights on or off, and classical music, jazz or Christmas tunes playing while I read or do a task.  For a night, I imagine having a cup of warmed milk, honey and a tiny dusting of cocoa (doesn’t keep me awake) and the twinkling lights on (with timer set) while I write the day’s adventures/events/blessings in my journal and/or watch television.  I can ‘feel’ the ambiance as I imagine these scenes!  For me, as well, this type of Christmas decor is such a serene, blissful way to be mindful of Cristes Maesse and what He means to our daily lives, all year.  Yes, it’s rather heavenly.

As always, I hope you enjoy this post and have a heavenly week with the delightful adventures & other good you desire (even as you handle life’s challenges along the way).



Image courtesy of Frontgate

Image courtesy of Frontgate

Image courtesy of Frontgate

Image courtesy of Frontgate

Image courtesy of Frontgate

Image courtesy of Frontgate

Image courtesy of Horchow

Image courtesy of Frontgate

Image courtesy of Frontgate

Christmas Decor: Minimalist Bathrooms

Hello, Everyone! It’s the third week of January and I hope you’ve had more delightful moments than you thought you would! Today, we’re enjoying the beauty of a few minimally decorated-for-Christmas bathrooms (powder rooms). Each bathroom is a beauty and the decor accents of wreaths, plants, Christmas tree statues and miniature Christmas trees are clever minimalist touches.  As we can see bathrooms are another great space to enjoy lovely Christmas Decor in, year-round!

I hope you’ll enjoy viewing these beautiful bathrooms’ decor.  Now, as always, I’m grateful for each of you, all year! Thank-you for being here and enjoying Christmas, so much!

Christmas Decor: Trees in the Conservatory

Hello, Everyone! Today, we’re enjoying the beauty and ambiance of Christmas trees on display in a conservatory (sun room). Below, you will see daylight views and night-time/dusk views of a very inviting conservatory, with its Christmas trees. I think conservatories/sun rooms are wonderful spaces to enjoy the ambiance of beautiful Christmas Decor in, year-round!

Well, my words are few for this post and I hope you enjoy viewing the blissful, beautiful sun room’s decor.

As always, I’m grateful for each of you, all year! Thank-you for being here and enjoying Christmas, so much!

Christmas Decor: Bedroom – Silver, Pewter, Platinum & Black Ornaments

Hello, Everyone and ‘Happy New Year!  I hope you all have enjoyed the first four days of January 2018!  Here, at It’s Ever Christmas, it is Christmas each day, so “Merry Christmas!”, as well!  Today, I’m sharing Christmas staging/styling ideas for a, predominantly, silver/pewter/platinum and black decor theme.  The first half of this post features the lovely Christmas Bedroom decor display created by Doreen Cagno of Hymns & Verses.  Her Christmas Decor’s dominant color is a silvery gray among other shades of gray.  The second half of this post features another gorgeous bedroom’s bedding and another gorgeous Christmas tree, decorated in a sublime black and gray(s) theme!  Of course, there’s more to staging/styling than the trees, wreaths and garland.  When I have additional complimentary images to share, I’ll add them to each post. For next week’s post I’m featuring another residential room, and will resume bedroom decor throughout 2018.

As always, I hope you enjoy this post of Christmas staging/styling ideas.  Thank-you for stopping by at It’s Ever Christmas and for enjoying Christmas!

Doreen Cagno's Hymns & Verses Comfy, Cozy Winter Bedroom
Image courtesy of HymnsandVerses

Doreen Cagno's Hymns & Verses Isaiah 9:6 Plaque and Christmas Tree in Vintage Laundry BasketImage courtesy of HymnsandVerses

HorizenSel Glam Classic Bedroom DesignsImage courtesy of HorizenSel

Silver & Black Christmas Tree decor themeImage courtesy of Pinimg