Christmas Decor: Eclectic Country Woodland Christmas Tree ‘A to Z’ – Part 1 of 2

Hello, Everyone!  It’s great to finally be back with you, and especially for this particular post!  Since the time I planned to feature the process of decorating this tree I’ve encountered a series of events that seemed to be designed to prevent me from completing the tree.  Also, my Mom’s experiences with Alzheimer’s (I am her 24/7 daily caregiver) require a lot of my attention.  I am happy to say that I have persevered and have photos of the tree decorating process to share with you.  Now, I have to choose the photos, ‘brand’ them and add descriptions of what you’re viewing.  I may add all of the photos in this post or I may share them in several posts; I’m still deciding.  So, with Alzheimer’s episodes being what they are, some or all of the photos could be added later this evening.  Thank-you for following, stopping by and enjoying this blog!  I am looking forward to sharing these photos with you all!  I hope you all have been enjoying December, so far and that you experience Christmas in your heart every day.



UPDATE 12/17/2018: Below are photos of the actual decor used to complete the tree.  I eliminated some of the decor featured in the Christmas Decor: Eclectic Country Woodland post.  Due to the number/quantity of images, I am featuring the ‘process’ photos in the next post; they show the A to Z stages of the tree’s decor.